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RE: Command boxes popping up wrote:
> Well, not intentionally, anyway, and if I use command
> completion upon 'wp' I do not get 'wperl'.
> Btw. my Perl version is v5.8.5 built for cygwin-thread-multi-64int.
>> why don't You use the cygwin perl?!
> For 95% of my work I use the Cygwin perl, but this is a build
> application that was shoved down our throat here, and Cygwin
> interferes with the used compilers, so all references to
> cygwin in any form or measure, are removed before the build
> process starts. So I use the AS Perl, which is also needed
> by the build process, to control everything in this case.

The version You mentioned is the one from the cygwin, not from activestate
This is the public msi package from activestate version 
v5.8.4 built for MSWin32-x86-multi-thread
and it comes with wperl and perl living in the same directory
The facts You told make me believe, that the activestate-perl isn't within
Your path at all, thus "no completion for wp<TAB>" isn't really surprising.


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