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Re: 1.5.12-1: ld (make) Error while compiling

On Tue, Dec 14, 2004 at 04:45:39AM +0000, prasanna hegde wrote:
>If u r not aware of any solution kindly confess that u r not presently
>aware of the solution of problem.  Instead of discouraging anybody from
>posting give a positive feedback plz..  See i m not a Spammer or Hacker
>or anybody else with negative purpose but a regular user of cygwin but
>when i came to the problem which i can not solved myself then only i
>registered to the cygwin..  Keep in mind that actually i cant waste
>time as our product is hanged due to that error..  Thanx for reply ...

Your intent is irrelevant.  If you send the same message multiple times
you are spamming.

If you want formal technical support so that you can meet product deadlines
then you should contact Red Hat or hire someone with the knowledge to fix
your problem.

Otherwise, you should be availing yourself of resource at  One of those resources is:

I will point out that you are having problems with "libdl.a" which is not
part of the cygwin release, AFAICT.  I don't know where you got this
library, but just removing it from the command line may be all that you
need to do.

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