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Re: find crashes in /proc/registry

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Reini Urban wrote:
| Chuck schrieb:
|> Christopher Faylor wrote:
|> | On Mon, Dec 13, 2004 at 04:52:31PM -0500, Chuck wrote:
|> |>I don't know if this has been reported before
|> |
|> | It has.
|> | The conclusion?
|> | Don't use find on /proc.
|> Are there any plans to fix it? Thanks.
| How?
| '*' is by POSIX definition an invalid filename character.
| '*' is by MS definition a valid registry key, which is mapped into a
| virtual file-system.
| If the findutils maintainer decides to add a /proc/registry patch to
| make '*' a valid filename char, other fileutils should be fixed also.
| ls and cat at least.
| So it should be better "fixed" in cygwin. How?
| Make it a valid file character there?
| How not to break all other file-,find-,text-,shellutils then, which will
| have to deal with this and glob expansion.
| Replace it by some other character? Which?

Fixing it so that it least works in directories that don't have * as a
file name. Perhaps the directory I used as an example was a poor choice.

$ pwd
$ ls

There are no *'s here but it's not displaying any of the file names that
exist below here. Just the directories, and not even all of them. For
example it's not showing anything under SAM, SECURITY, SOFTWARE, or
SYSTEM. There are more directories under HARDWARE/ACPI, but it's not
showing any of them. Whether * is a valid file name or not isn't even
the issue.

$ find .
find: ./HARDWARE/ACPI: Is a directory
find: ./HARDWARE/DESCRIPTION: Is a directory
find: ./HARDWARE: Is a directory

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