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Re: floppy drive accesses

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Dave Korn wrote:
|>-----Original Message-----
|>From: cygwin-owner On Behalf Of Larry Hall
|>Sent: 13 December 2004 19:38
|>At 02:57 AM 12/13/2004, you wrote:
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|>>Eric Schweitz wrote:
|>>| I just upgraded my cygwin installation and I'm now seeing
|>>| the floppy drive get accessed on various commands.  What
|>>| gives?  The commands with this broken behavior I've run
|>>| across are: find, df, mount at least.
|>>| How do I turn this off short of ripping the floppy drive
|>>| out of my machine?
|>>| I've run filemon and strace and nothing is obviously accessing
|>>| A: directly.
|   Just to double check:  you did make sure to *enable* it for
drive A?  The
| default settings for filemon are only to monitor local HDs, IIRC.
|>>I have to confirm this problem.  Original basic install from June
|>>27th state of local cygwin mirror.  That would be about 5 months
|>>old.  I updated to the current version and now I get floppy accesses
|>>even though there is no request for floppy.  This occurs with mount
|>>and when bash gets loaded.  Attached is my cygcheck.out file.
|>Not to rain on your parade or anything but I have a Cygwin
|>DLL of the 1.3
|>series and on the machine I ran it on, it accesses the floppy
|>drive for
|>commands like 'df', mounted or not.  So to me it is
|>conceivable that this
|>is not a new issue, even if it's new to you. ;-)
|   I was about to say the same thing.  Windoze just *luuurves*
accessing the
| floppy drive for no apparent reason.  For quite a long time I used
to get a
| ka-chunk out of my FD every time I opened up "My computer" in
|   Or to see the problem another way, use wordpad to open up a text
file off your
| FD, then close and exit wordpad, and run it again.  You should
find it accesses
| the FD; this is as a consequence of having a file from A: on the
MRU list.
|   You may be able to stop this by digging around for references to
A: in the
| registry, but be cautious!  Personally, I suspect something to do
with those
| StreamMRU and Stream keys under
| Version/Explorer myself, but that's a pretty WAG.
|     cheers,
|       DaveK

Thanks for the responses.  Fortunately I didn't have to do that at
all.  My install was nothing more than a base install with rsync and
openssh installed.  I uninstalled cygwin.  Cleaned the system
(deleted the Cygnus registry keys and cygwin install dir) then
reinstalled using the default install.  It accessed the floppy drive
the first time then never again.  I installed rsync and it did not
access the drive.  So the problem seems to have disappeared.  I do
know what you are talking about though.  I've had that happen before
with other apps and usually it is because of that programs MRU list.

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Robert Pendell
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