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Re: Limitation in SCP?

Corinna Vinschen wrote:

On Dec 13 14:37, Bob Smart wrote:

I've discovered that in some circumstances, scp seems to get tired
early when transferring a largish file (around 200MB).  It copies
diligently for the first 20-40MB (exactly where it stops varies
from run to run), then CPU usage drops to zero, the file stops
growing on the receiving end, there's no apparent network traffic,
and everything just pretty much halts.  A ps shows the scp task
running, but not doing anything.

I've only seen this when copying between two W2K machines (both
Cygwin, both using the Cygwin SSH package, both of pretty recent
vintage with DLL 1.5.11).  I did my development testing between
Linux and NT, and I never saw this behavior in that environment.
It always fails with the W2K machines.

I also never see this happen with tar.  If I do a tar-to-tar pipe
via SSH, everything works even in the W2K-to-W2K environment.
However, I'd like to understand why I can't use scp for this.

Hmm, that doesn't happen for me.  I tried to copy around a 200 Megs
file between WinXP and XP<->Linux multiple times and don't see any
hang.  Did you try with Cygwin 1.5.12, too?

Is this possibly related to the pipe hang issue that some apps have with ssh such as mentioned here and that Bob Byrnes is looking at?:

Bob, are you "pushing" or "pulling" the files?  It has
been noted that rsync works to push files to windows
but hangs in a similar way when pulling files from a
remote machine.  Again, it may or may not be related.


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