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Re: Setup: 'Download From Internet' creates 'c:/cygwin/etc/setup'

George wrote:
> Internet Option'.  Files were saved to the root of a currently empty D:/ 
> partition. 
> Ordinarily I'd just delete the 'c:/cygwin/etc/setup' dirs and files as 
> they seem to contain summmary download-specific information, but I'm 
> wondering why this folder was created where it was.  Maybe if I had 
> selected 'Install from Internet' and picked 'c:/cygwin' (on this 
> machine) for the installation directory (neither of which is the case), 
> it might make more sense.

Since you selected Download only then setup bypassed the question for the Root 
Directory for the install but defaulted to C:\cygwin and as you point out the 
C:\cygwin\etc\setup directory has summary download and log information for the 
install.  It would normally place it whereever you installed Cygwin but since 
this was a download only - it had to assume where that might be.  I remember 
seeing this before and wondered where else we might place these setup files 
when it is a download only - at one time I beleive these were actually kept as 
part of the download directory and then later moved to /etc/setup but I am not 
100% on that.


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