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Re: Piping output from sqlplus

On Fri, Dec 17, 2004 at 11:26:15AM -0500, Chuck wrote:
>Bakken, Luke wrote:
>>>Why would ksh behave differently under Cygwin than under Solaris?
>>cygwin ksh is pdksh. The specific set of code you gave does not work in
>>pdksh. Read about it here:
>>"Its weak points are that there are still a few differences from ksh88
>>(the major one is that `echo hi | read x' does not set x in the current
>>shell - the read is done in a separate process). See the NOTES file in
>>the distribution for more details."
>>You can get a Cygwin ksh from
>This is working just perfectly thanks. I would like to note (for the 
>archives) that this ksh does not support the -l option. If you want to 
>use it for a login shell so that it runs /etc/profile and $HOME/.profile 
>automatically, make a copy of it named -ksh and run that from your 
>windows batch file. I tried just creating a symlink named -ksh first, 
>but Windows didn't like it.

I'd like to note for the archives also that I'd like to get the real version
of ksh into the cygwin distribution.

This comes up from time to time.  The first time it happened someone was insisting
that they needed to change the Cygwin DLL for this to happen and I had reservations
about the licensing status of some of the changes since the person had also seen
U/WIN sources.  Then, somehow, ksh was built without the need to change cygwin and
a cygwin ksh package was going to show up any second now.

Well, years later, we still don't have a ksh.

Anyone want to take the plunge?


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