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Re: Piping output from sqlplus

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Christopher Faylor wrote:
| On Fri, Dec 17, 2004 at 11:26:15AM -0500, Chuck wrote:
|>Bakken, Luke wrote:
|>>>Why would ksh behave differently under Cygwin than under Solaris?
|>>cygwin ksh is pdksh. The specific set of code you gave does not work in
|>>pdksh. Read about it here:
|>>"Its weak points are that there are still a few differences from ksh88
|>>(the major one is that `echo hi | read x' does not set x in the current
|>>shell - the read is done in a separate process). See the NOTES file in
|>>the distribution for more details."
|>>You can get a Cygwin ksh from
|>This is working just perfectly thanks. I would like to note (for the
|>archives) that this ksh does not support the -l option. If you want to
|>use it for a login shell so that it runs /etc/profile and $HOME/.profile
|>automatically, make a copy of it named -ksh and run that from your
|>windows batch file. I tried just creating a symlink named -ksh first,
|>but Windows didn't like it.
| I'd like to note for the archives also that I'd like to get the real
| of ksh into the cygwin distribution.
| This comes up from time to time.  The first time it happened someone
was insisting
| that they needed to change the Cygwin DLL for this to happen and I had
| about the licensing status of some of the changes since the person had
also seen
| U/WIN sources.  Then, somehow, ksh was built without the need to
change cygwin and
| a cygwin ksh package was going to show up any second now.
| Well, years later, we still don't have a ksh.
| Anyone want to take the plunge?
| cgf

I have come across one other problem with ksh'93 for Cygwin from It chokes on path names that don't follow the pure
unix convention. For example c:/oracle/ora92 causes problems but
/cygdrive/c/oracle/ora92 does not.

It doesn't like //server_name/share_name either.

I need a korn shell that will handle the windows-like path names
(pdksh),  and where "read" executes in the same shell that called it
(ksh '93).
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