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Re: [mlist] More floppy drive accesses information

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| FWIW, yesterday I upgraded to
| findutils-4.2.10-5
| man-1.5o1-1
| openssl-0.9.7e-1
| and also installed cvs-1.11.17-1
| Before this there were no access on starting Cygwin, but since
then I have
| experienced the same as other people have reported. My previous
upgrade was
| 2004/12/02 21:10:10 (local time).
| As someone else here wrote, not having "-e /bin/login" when you
start Cygwin
| means no accesses to the floppy.
| (Windows 98)
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Someone found that when you use the --login parameter on bash then
it runs /etc/profile.  It in effect uses find on /etc/profile.d
folder to find startup scripts.  Find will trigger it.

Downgrading findutils specifically to 4.1.7-4 fixes startup issues.
~ Find will not access the floppy drive when you execute "find
- --version" but 4.2.10-5 will.  Hmmm.... I am suspecting a bug
although others say not.  I would like to know though what exactly
changed between 4.1.7 and 4.2.10 of findutils to cause this.  Cygwin
in itself doesn't have to be downgraded so cygwin api calls are fine
(i hope).  If anyone has find 4.2.10 installed on any linux or unix
distro then post back here if it access the floppy drive.  I am
highly suspicious of the line that reads "static void
init_mounted_dev_list(void);" though and similar lines that also
have the word mounted.  I can't really say for sure since there are
alot of changes in find.c alone.  Mount still access the floppy
drive but it may just be a check to see if a disk is there.  1.5.11
had that as well.  Don't know how far it goes and I think it is
probably normal.  Please note that there are NO references to the a
drive in the windows registry save for the device keys.
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