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Re: setup.exe 2.427 problem with installation from rsync mirrors & setup alternatives

PLEASE keep replies on the mailing list.

Sorry, I only replied to your mail.

Sorry, but then why do the mirrors exist in ? And why does setup show them and you can
select them if you cannot choose them as source? This makes no sense!

Many things about setup.exe make no sense. Since I took over maintainership of setup.exe a few months ago, I'm slowly working on making it more sensible.

Is the only solution that I use rsync utility to synchronize with such a
mirror and install from local directory ?

If you absolutely must use rsync, then yes.

Ok, thanks.

Because some people here talk about setup alternatives:
a real interesting alternative to utilities like setup.exe and other installers or install wizards would be an "install" like _0INSTALL_, see

Sadly this is in early development state and is focused on Unix platforms. Also a "installer" like this requires a lot of work to maintain a high quality in packaging of software, but in the end it would be worth all the difficulties.

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