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Re: how do I uninstall a cygwin snapshot?

On Sun, 19 Dec 2004, Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes wrote:

> (Subject phrased as a question for the archives.)
> If you just installed a cygwin1-ccyymmdd.dll.bz2 snapshot, stop all cygwin
> services and reinstall the cygwin package (or reinstall the cygwin package
> and then reboot).
> If you installed a cygwin-inst-ccyymmdd.tar.bz2 snapshot, do the same,
> but in addition to the cygwin package, you may occasionally need to
> reinstall additional packages or delete files that do not have a
> package, depending on what all was changed in the snapshot.
> This perl script, given a tarball name, will identify which files from
> which packages are present in a snapshot.  For correct identification,
> you need to have previously installed the relevant packages via setup.
> [useful perl script snipped]

This is an interesting script.  However, I'm wondering if it would make
sense to allow setup.exe to retrieve a local setup.ini (via a file:// URL)
and distribute a special setup.ini with the snapshots...  This way, the
upgrade/downgrade feature of setup could be used to install/uninstall
snapshots.  I agree that it's probably not a good idea to make snapshots
easily available via mirrors, but with the user having to explicitly point
setup to the new setup.ini file every time they want to install a
snapshot, there's doesn't seem to be too high of a chance of them abusing
this feature...
P.S. Yes, I know we're thinking of alternate setup tools, but any of them
should be able to support URL-based multiple mirror selection, so the
above should work for them as well.
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