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Re: Piping output from sqlplus

Christopher Faylor wrote:
On Mon, Dec 20, 2004 at 10:02:22AM -0500, Chuck wrote:

Bakken, Luke wrote:

I need a korn shell that will handle the windows-like path names
(pdksh),  and where "read" executes in the same shell that called it
(ksh '93).

Keep wishing. There are other ways of doing what you need to do with sqlplus without using a pipe and read.

I have dozen's of ksh scripts already written and running on other platforms. I'm not going to change them all just to accomodate a weakness in Cygwin, or more precisely pdksh.

So you've got dozens of ksh scripts and your method of getting them
working on cygwin is to wish real hard that something changes?  You must
not want to get things working on windows very much then.

I don't really *need* them to work on Windows. I just thought I could use Cygwin to develop and maintain them while I'm on my laptop and not connected. The final destination of all my ksh scripts will be Solaris. That's where they need to run

I'll be able to live with the ksh from It's closer to what Sun distributes.

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