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YA in a series: snapshot what a happy sound

The latest snapshot has the path-handling changes I had mentioned
previously.  This change should allow trailing dots to work correctly in
managed mode.

Thanks to Pierre Humblet for providing the idea and some of the code for
this, although if there are path-handling bugs in the snapshot that's
undoubtedly my fault as I performed most of the final implementation.
This was a change to low level path handling code in cygwin and so it
could potentially have major ramifications.  Or not.

We're getting close to a 1.5.13 release, so I would appreciate
it if people would send success or failure replies here.  Please make
sure that you report the version of Windows that you are using.  That
information is important for this change.

One thing to note in recent snapshots is that the process handling code
has changed dramatically.  This part of cygwin should be
ever-so-slightly faster than it was before.  One point of possible
regression would be in cygwin's handling of non-cygwin processes.  So,
keep your eye out for problems there, too, please.


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