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libtool creating DLLs called ".exe"

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Gerrit wrote (in

|> Sometimes it switches to .exe instead of .dll.  Will investigate
|> this further. My current theory is that -o <soname> just missed
|> the .dll extension and .exe is then taken as default.
| I saw similar errors before, IIRC there were some old MACROS in .m4
|  files used from inside the package source tree, but never tracked
| it really down.  After cleaning up with old buggy .m4 files and
| reconfiguring it works in most of the cases.

What about if it happens and the source don't have no custom m4 files? 0=)
I got the problem specifically in SQLite 3.0.8 sources, it seems that
$soname isn't set at all.

I'll try to debug it this evening, on the train, on my way home...
hope to find the problem and/or a fix.


BTW: is it possible to rename the "used DLLs" in a compiled executable?
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