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Re: gnome-vfs problems with XP SP2

Hello Walter,

Many thanks for this report this is actually the first feedback I
receive at all for gnome-vfs;)

Walter Landry wrote:


I have just installed cygwin yesterday, and I am having problems
getting gnome-vfs to work.  It always hangs in the postinstall.
Looking at the script it is trying to execute
(/etc/postinstall/, it is trying to run
gconftool-2.  If I run that script manually, it also hangs.  However,
if I cancel the installation, then gnomevfs-ls will work anyway with
local directories.  However, it doesn't work with a remote
webdav-enabled web server.  So


just hangs.  That directory works just fine in Mozilla.  ftp seems to
work fine with gnomevfs-ls.

I have the firewall disabled, is it evtl. a problem with your firewall settings? gconftool-2 needs to start gconfd-2 to work and gconfd-2 needs access to the local network.

This is on a Windows XP SP2 machine.  Is this a known problem?  I
looked through the archives, but I couldn't find anything pertinent.

I cannot reproduce your observation , it works for me with NT4 as it does with XP/SP2, but see above comment about my firewall settings, try to allow gconfd-2 to access the network, though I have currently no idea which ports it is using.

Gerrit -- =^..^=

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