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Re: Bug: link.exe

On Dec 22 14:54, Isaac Foraker wrote:
> The recent change of installing coreutils with `link.exe' has introduced 
> a *new* problem with configurations using Microsoft Visual C++ with 
> Cygwin's GNU `make'.  Previously, one could specify "LD=link" in a 
> Makefile, but now the corutils `link' will supplant Microsoft's linker, 
> breaking builds.  Specifying "LD=link" worked with all versions of 
> Cygwin for at least the last two years, so this is a new problem.  Since 
> developers tend to install their tools in different locations, but 
> always have these tools in their path, using "LD=link" has always been 
> acceptable.
> The coreutils `link' appears to reproduce the hard-link functionality of 
> `ln', and should probably not be a part of the base installation.
> My temporary fix for my developers is to remove coreutils `link' from 
> our systems, but if it is reinstalled every time coreutils is upgraded, 
> this will cause an ongoing problem.

The link tool is installed by default on Linux as well.  I guess you read
my announcement?  If you don't like the packaging, [...]


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