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Re: Setting $HOME for Windows

George wrote:

I remember reading some time ago a vague admonition against manually setting $HOME as a Windows environment variable.

I can't seem to find the message, so if someone can elaborate on why this is A Bad Thing, I'd appreciate it. This is for those of us pursuing the Holy Grail of integrating Cygwin with Windows (or, depending on one's view, Windows with Cygwin), and doing our best to ignore the less-than-holy %USERPROFILE% construct.

Personally I believe I arranged for Cygwin's bash shell to utilize the actual home field in /etc/passwd (by changing /etc/profile). Next I mount <wherever Windows has my home> to /home. In the corporate environment where home directories are often stored on a server this would be a mount -bsf //server/homeshare /home. Then ls /home lists all user's home directories and /etc/passwd says home = /home/$USER.

At home I don't even use that silly C:\Documents and Settings\$USER crap and have successfully (though not easily) hacked the registry into using C:\Home\<username> and storing all configuration type data into C:\Home\<username>\Configuration - but that's me...
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