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Re: available for test: findutils-20041219-1

Christopher Faylor wrote:

> Right.  And /cygdrive/a is one of the mounts.
> Someone else already pointed to the change in Cygwin which removed the
> exception so that floppy drives showing up in the mount table.
> So, you now see where the problem is coming from.  This is code that has
> been in Cygwin for more than a year.

Yes, I realize that it is a regression in findutils (the new code that
looks at the mounts) and not anything that has changed in Cygwin. 
However this also means that it's impossible for any "userspace" code
that wants to list the mounts to avoid the spurious floppy seek, which
seems like undue punishment.  Especially mean since the error returned
by GetFileAttributes causes the code to ignore that drive and continue
on, and so /cygdrive/a is not returned in the mount list.

I guess what I'm getting at is it's impossible to patch find (and the
various other utilities that were reported to cause a seek) to not
invoke the seek.  Do you have any plans to consider applying the Cygwin
patch at all or do we just get to live with a floppy seek at every login
or invocation of find?


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