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Re: "Hyperthreading" problems

On Fri, Dec 24, 2004 at 09:01:17AM +0100, St?phane Donz? wrote:
>we have encountered random hangs and crashes in cygwin (see output of
>cygcheck attached to this message) on a dual-processor server running
>Windows Server 2003. IMHO, the so-called "hyperthreading problems" reported
>recently on this mailing list just have nothing to do with hyperthreading,
>but are more generally related to multi-processor issues.

If you have followed the thread, then you know that I have a multi-processor
system and I don't have the problem.

>I used the following test (found on this mailing list archive, posted 6 Apr
>2004 by Chuck McDevitt):
>#! /bin/ksh
>while [[ ! -z $mypath ]]
> mypath=$(pwd)
> if [[ -z $mypath ]]
> then
>  echo "Test Failed......Path is empty"
> fi

There is no point in reposting scripts.  There is no point in
recapitulating the problem.  There is no point in making obvious
observations about what one would suspect the cause would be without
bothering to look at the code.

Your options are to fix the problem yourself or wait until I someday
have a system which demonstrates the problem.


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