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Re: Setting $HOME for Windows

On Thu, Dec 23, 2004 at 12:02:05PM -0800, Brian Dessent wrote:
> Andrew DeFaria wrote:
> > At home I don't even use that silly C:\Documents and Settings\$USER crap
> > and have successfully (though not easily) hacked the registry into using
> > C:\Home\<username> and storing all configuration type data into
> > C:\Home\<username>\Configuration - but that's me...
> There's no need to hack the registry to do this.  When you install
> Windows you can specify the name and location of the "Documents and
> Settings" directory (as well as the Windows directory itself.)  You do
> this with a response file (winnt.sif) by adding a value "ProfilesDir"
> under the [GuiUnattended] section.  When I installed my current copy of
> XP I set the profile dir to C:\Users and have not had to touch any
> further settings to have everything work fine.

Thanks for the reply, Brian.  An unattended install using an answer file
is first on my List of Things To Do Next Time (I've been using reparse
points as a workaround).  I'm still undecided on how to cope with what
gets dumped in %USERPROFILE%, but it might ease the schizophrenia to
have $HOME point to the same dir as %USERPROFILE%.


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