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Re: X11-only expectk

See inline...

On Sat, Dec 25, 2004 at 07:00:33AM +0200, Vladimir Levijev wrote:
> Hello Sebastien,
> > Hi Ariel,
> >
> > If you can bare with me a couple days, I can provide you with the
> > necessary patches to build a X11-only expectk...
> I'm really interested in these patches. I managed to compile expectk, but it 
> was kind of a quick hack and I get segfault running it. So if you already 
> have it, X11 version would work perfectly for me. 

Cygwin is installed on my laptop... unfortunately I'm having awful power
supply problems with it and it keeps shutting down on me... Once that's
fixed I'll be able to get it to you...

> > However, the whole solution that I'm working on (Totally transparent
> > Win32 & X11 Tk) will take some time as I'm pretty low on bandwidth these
> > days.
> I understand this is about W11 library solution I read on the cygwin-apps 
> thread. This is nice.

Actually, I've been working on using Tk's own Win32 GDI implementation,
not the W11 library... This way (once I get it working properly) support
should be minimal.

The plan:
    - Compile Tcl using the unix sub-dir with minimal cygwin
      compatibility changes... The only big change is to the stub
      definitions to be able to include both Unix and Win32 functions.
    - Compile Tk using X11 library (unix sub-dir) --> cygtk8.4X.dll
    - Compile Tk using Win32 GDI (win sub-dir)    --> cygtk8.4W.dll
    - Create a wrapper/stub dll that loads the right GUI-specific
      library at runtime                          --> cygtk8.4.dll
    - Anything else is just child's play from here... any other
      application can just compile generically.

The current blocking issues:
    - Somehow, only the Tk version linked against X11 works at the
      moment... when linked against the Win32 GDI version, it just
      hangs. My guess is that it's related to a difference between unix
      and windows versions of Tcl...
    - Time... Time... Time... Hell, I'm already doing 80 hours/week on
      my regular jobs...


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