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I've researched this topic online for days and it seems like every one has their own solution or their own idea about how user authentication works in Cygwin.

What I CAN'T seem to find is a simple description of exactly what happens when a user tries to log in via SSH.? What is the flow of Cygwin's authentication process?? I assume it checks /etc/passwd and /etc/group, then somehow validates against Windows passwords.? But how?? Does it check passwd or group first?? Does the user have to have a group?? How does Cygwin compare groups in the group file to groups in Windows?

My problem is simple... I have users that I created that cannot log in via SSH unless I make them members of the Windows ADMINISTRATORS group on the Windows 2003 server that is running Cygwin.? I've tried everything I can think of and lots of stuff from other people that I could never have thought up myself.

Can anyone explain in detail the steps Cygwin goes through to authenticate a user via SSH?

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