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Re: "Hyperthreading" problems


Thank you for your reply. You are right, I did not look at the code, and I certainly do not pretend to be able to fix this problem.

I am sorry to have to say that, but your message is a very good example of the fundamental difference between a project that is useable and reliable, and a project that "almost works" and will never do more that that.
The problem I reported is known for almost 2 years (posted by Henrik Wist, 20 Mar 2003, subject was "cygwin commands sometime hang on dual-processor (WinNT-SP5)"). I don't care if it is the same bug or not, the fact is that cygwin has a critical problem (i.e. something that prevent users to use even simple commands like 'ls' !!) on multiprocessor machines and nobody seems to care about it. You cannot just expect people to "wait until you someday have a system that shows the problem" everytime they encounter a bug.

If you guys want cygwin to be used by real people, in real life production or development environments, you should go a bit further than "I don't have the problem on my computer, so fix it yourself". If you don't want to or are not able to pay attention to "real world" bugs, cygwin will probably never be more than an "almost working" program that runs on your computer the time to take nice screenshots, but fails miserably when users try to make it work in the real life.


NB: this post is not at all about "commercial software versus OSS", there are lots of "industrial quality" open source projects like Apache, MySQL, etc.

Christopher Faylor wrote:

On Fri, Dec 24, 2004 at 09:01:17AM +0100, St?phane Donz? wrote:

we have encountered random hangs and crashes in cygwin (see output of
cygcheck attached to this message) on a dual-processor server running
Windows Server 2003. IMHO, the so-called "hyperthreading problems" reported
recently on this mailing list just have nothing to do with hyperthreading,
but are more generally related to multi-processor issues.

If you have followed the thread, then you know that I have a multi-processor
system and I don't have the problem.

There is no point in reposting scripts. There is no point in recapitulating the problem. There is no point in making obvious observations about what one would suspect the cause would be without bothering to look at the code.

Your options are to fix the problem yourself or wait until I someday
have a system which demonstrates the problem.


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