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Three questions

Hello, I have three questions that aren't related.
First: Is there a cygwin package that will let me compare two binary files to see if they are equal?

Second: Is there a way to prevent gcc from adding .exe extension when building programs? I recall hearing something that win98 needs the .exe, but I can launch programs from within Cygwin under Windows XP Pro just fine without the extension so if I could get GCC not to add this extension it'd be great. The reason I want this is that I have to rewrite my Makefiles when moving projects to-and-from cygwin-fedora.

Third: I tried removing an the .exe-extension from a file by issuing:
$ mv tiny_mdi_example_without_ggdb.exe tiny_mdi_example_without_ggdb

The error I got was:

mv: `tiny_mdi_example_without_ggdb.exe' and `tiny_mdi_example_without_ggdb' are the same file

So I used Explorer to do it, but I'd like to know how I should get mv to do this.

Thanks for any replies and may the year 2005 be a prosperous year for you

/ M

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