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RE: nfs-server 2.2.47-2

> I don't know if I am sending this info correctly(I
> am new to cygwin, and web page doesn'r explain how
> to post message)

Email?  In any case, the web page is certainly
clear that cygwin-apps (which you cross-posted
this message to) is not the appropriate forum
for this question.

> I read your note about nfs-server, and i did as
> follows:
> mkdir /mnt/nfs
> mount H:/nfs /mnt/nfs

Whose note are you refering to?

If you were running these commands under Cygwin,
then you did nothing at all with nfs-server.
You created a directory named /mnt/nfs under the
Cygwin root, and then directed Cygwin to mount
the Windows directory H:/nfs at /mnt/nfs.

> Now all works as You said with small exception:
> share on remote machine is not H:/nfs but /mnt/nfs.

Assuming you exported /mnt/nfs via nfs-server, this
is to be expected.  NFS doesn't understand Windows
drive notation.

> This is not what You wanted I think.
> I tried with mount //mycomputer/nfs /mnt/nfs.
> It doesn't work becase remote party is not
> able to browse directories nor I am able to
> chmod on server side.
> I also notice that neither of my mounts are
> visible through "ls /" command, although ls
> /home works

I'm unclear as to what you are trying to
accomplish (or, rather, *how* you are trying
to accomplish it).  There is no NFS client
for Cygwin; so if you are trying to export
a directory from a Cygwin box, and mount it
on another Cygwin box, that won't work at

If you're looking for assistance, please respond
your /etc/exports file, and a description of
how you are trying to mount the exports on your
remote machine.


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