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Re: Porting issues: file owned by root, user nobody

David Arnstein wrote:

My issues concern porting a Linux application to cygwin. I read but I did not find answers. If there is another resource I should read, please advise.

The application is "dnrd," published on SourceForge For security reasons, dnrd
1. Insists that its config files be owned by root.
2. Changes its uid to "nobody," using setuid().
Has the cygwin community settled on uniform methods to deal with these programming tasks?

For the file ownership issue, I just have to decide if the appropriate owner is SYSTEM, Administrator, or something else. And what about group ownership?

$ cat /etc/group | grep root root:S-1-5-32-544:0:

Someone inserted this into my /etc/group file.

For the uid issue, I might have to create an unprivileged account to take the place of "nobody." Unless a more clever solution has been worked out. Also, setuid() always fails for me. Are there limitations to this function in cygwin?

Yes, this is covered in the User Guide:


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