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RE: bug in setup.exe?

Thanks, Igor.  Would another possible solution be to have setup special case
*only* the cygwin-dll package?  Have it run all the pre-remove scripts
first, then if the cygwin-dll package needs updating, do that, and then do
the rest?  Then, packages that have a dependency on cygwin1.dll in their
scripts can be marked as needing to be run before (or after for post-remove)
the cygwin-dll update.  Then, the actual ordering algorithm is simply: run
pre-remove scripts, remove cygwin.dll, install new cygwin.dll, and then run
post-remove scripts.  

-- Eric

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Igor Pechtchanski []
> Sent: Tuesday, February 08, 2005 2:59 PM
> To: Swenson, Eric
> Cc:
> Subject: Re: bug in setup.exe?
> On Tue, 8 Feb 2005, Swenson, Eric wrote:
> > I've run into the following situation on several machines 
> now, at multiple
> > times -- each with different versions of cygwin (so I'm not 
> following the
> > bug reporting procedure as I think the version information 
> provided by
> > cygcheck isn't really relevant and as I'm currently in a 
> non-cygwin-working
> > state as a result of this issue).
> >
> > Frequently, when running setup.exe and specifying that all 
> packages should
> > be installed (the mode I almost always use), setup.exe bombs while
> > uninstalling a package that it knows it needs to update 
> with the error that
> > cygwin1.dll is not found.  Indeed, at the point the dialog 
> box comes up
> > telling me that cygwin1.dll wasn't found, if I check, it 
> has indeed been
> > deleted from my /bin directory (actually d:\cygwin\bin).  I 
> suspect this is
> > because setup has determined that it needs to upgrade my 
> cygwin1.dll, and
> > therefore must uninstall the old one first and then install 
> the new one.
> > The problem is, that either setup itself (doubtful) or one 
> or more of the
> > uninstall/install scripts needs cygwin1.dll in order to run 
> successfully.
> >
> > Can anyone in the "know" tell me how this is supposed to work?
> This is indeed a (known, long-standing) bug in setup.exe.  
> The problem is
> that some packages have pre-remove scripts that prepare a package for
> removal.  These scripts are run when the packages are removed, which
> happens in alphabetical order of package names, so the 
> scripts will bomb
> out if their packages happen to follow the "cygwin" package
> alphabetically.
> It's clear that one needs to run all pre-remove scripts 
> before removing
> the actual package files.  It's also clear that the 
> alphabetical package
> name order is the wrong order to run pre-remove scripts in.  
> What is not
> clear is what the right order is.  
> <>. :-)
> > I tried searching the mailing lists, but the cygwin site says that
> > searching was disabled due to your recent disk crash.  I 
> tried searching
> > on google and only found one relevant reference
> > ( and that
> > page didn't lead me to any responses.
> >
> > If you press the ok button on the dialog telling you that 
> cygwin1.dll
> > was not found, setup proceeds with the next package.  
> Frequently, I have
> > to press OK many times (depending on the packages needing to be
> > installed, of course) in order to get to the end of setup.  
> Sometimes I
> > can get through with a successfull uninstall/install of the 
> necessary
> > packages and cygwin1.dll does get installed again.  But the packages
> > whose uninstall/install depended on cygwin1.dll, of course, were not
> > actually "correctly" uninstalled or installed.
> >
> > Ideas?  -- Eric
> One possible idea is to find out which packages have 
> pre-remove scripts
> (run
> find /etc/preremove -type f | xargs cygcheck -f | sort -u
> to find those) and upgrade them before upgrading everything 
> else.  This,
> of course, carries other problems with it (i.e., the 
> postinstall scripts
> may need the new versions of cygwin1.dll, etc).  Ultimately, 
> this needs to
> be fixed in setup.exe (once we figure out the right way of doing it).
> There was some discussion of this in the cygwin-apps archives 
> (search for
> "preremove", I think).
> 	Igor
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