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Re: setup.exe timestamp 1108087248: mined-2000.10-1: minor glitch

> What is your *exact* problem?

I visited the Cygwin site (as one does) and
trawled for updates. This was about 12 hours ago. There were none,
apparently. But I observed that setup.ini stamped ..7248 (just as it is
now, in fact) had altered since my previous visit, and not in a minor
way: there was a new provision in the form of mined. I had asked for
<Install> not <Default> and in the usual way of things this would have
been identified and downloaded and installed. All I had was the new
setup.ini. I looked at it (a) to see what was new (mined) and (b) what
was odd or wrong, leading to this failure. All that I observed even
moderately unexpected was the blank line in the middle of ldesc. I
closed it, wget'd mined into my local resource, and again used
setup.exe, using "my" setup.ini and my local resource. The new provision
was identified and installed.
I deduced, wrongly, that my editing tweak was what had mended things. I
later observed (see "More:" at 09.02) that a blank line in ldesc does
not uniquely characterise mined, and therefore that something else,
maybe to do with the exact timing of my visit to the mirror, was the
cause of the glitch.
And at least one other person (you) has successfully installed mined by
conventional means.
Sorry to go on, wasting bandwidth and people's time. I took your
question "What is your *exact* problem" as just that: a request to
expand on the nature of the glitch and maybe muse on its causes. It
struck me when reading your post that an alternative interpretation
might easily be that it was not a generous and thoughtful invitation,
but an irritated commentary on my capability and thinking. But you're
not like that, so I replied in the way that I have.

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