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Re: scponly for chrooted sftp server in cygwin

> I still get the following error during the make phase.
> 	gcc -g -O2 -I. -I. -DHAVE_CONFIG_H
> -DDEBUGFILE='"/usr/local/etc/scponly/debuglev
> 	el"' -o helper.o -c helper.c
> 	helper.c:174: warning: passing arg 1 of `strdup' makes pointer from
> integer with
> 	out a cast
> 	helper.c:179: warning: passing arg 1 of `strcmp' makes pointer from
> integer with
> 	out a cast

So do I. I simply didnÂt mind.

> During the install phase the script attempted to set some file permisissions
> as follows:
> 	${INSTALL} -o 0 -g 0 scponly ${bindir}/scponly
> 	${INSTALL} -o 0 -g 0 -m 0644 scponly.8 ${mandir}/man8/scponly.8
> 	${INSTALL} -o 0 -g 0 -m 0644 debuglevel ${DEBUGFILE}

This depends on your UID setup in /etc/passwd and /etc/group.
IÂve best experiences giving UID 0 to root and GID 0 to the root group. If you
donÂt have any user or group with those UID/GID, the install call will fail.

> I changed the make file to:
> 	${INSTALL} -o SYSTEM -g SYSTEM scponly ${bindir}/scponly
> 	${INSTALL} -o SYSTEM -g SYSTEM -m 0644 scponly.8
> ${mandir}/man8/scponly.8
> 	${INSTALL} -o SYSTEM -g SYSTEM -m 0644 debuglevel ${DEBUGFILE}
> And it worked fine.

That should be ok. IÂd prefer to have root/root as the owner, but SYSTEM should
work also.

> I tried using the script but could not get it to work.  You
> mentioned an alternative make tool for setting up chrooted users.  Or
> instructions on how to manually set it up.  
To be honest, I didnÂt find it anymore. Maybe there was a much easier script
available with an earlier version of scponly or rssh.

However, you may setup you chroot cage on your own:

1) create a base folder (your new root) with the following subfolders
/cygdrive/c/temp/sftp:{528}:$ ls -R
bin/  etc/  lib/  pub/  usr/

chmod.exe*            cygintl-1.dll*  id.exe*     pwd.exe*
chown.exe*            cygintl-2.dll*  ln.exe*     rm.exe*
cygcrypto-0.9.7.dll*  cygwin1.dll*    ls.exe*     rmdir.exe*
cygcrypto.dll*        groups*         mkdir.exe*  scp.exe*
cygiconv-2.dll*       groups.exe*     mv.exe*     sftp-server.exe*

group*  passwd*




The passwd and group in the chroot only need to contain the users who will use
the chroot. These files are not used for authentification, but only for UID/GID
to name mapping.

2) Setup chroot in your *regular* /etc/passwd for users to be chrooted

3) You may need to rebuild scponlyc
The path setting for sftp-server needs to match your installation.
So if sftp-server.exe resides in the /bin folder in your chroot, you need to
setup config.h:
#define PROG_SFTP_SERVER "/bin/sftp-server"
When the user logs in, scponlyc chroots and start sftp-server afterwards.

I prefer a small shellscript using rsync to keep the files in my chroot up to
date when I update cygwin.

rsync -ulpogtW --existing /bin/* /root/path/of/chroot/bin
rsync -ulpogtW --existing /usr/sbin/* /root/path/of/chroot/bin
rsync -ulpogtW --existing /usr/lib/* /root/path/of/chroot/lib

This script freshens already existing files in the chroot.

This should enable you to setup the chroot manually.


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