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Re: nfs server config

but doesn't work!!!
the mount log tell me the is a problem..
there isn't access to the partition!!
and in another cygwin installation i don't have this time of error...

----- Original Message ----- From: "Larry Hall" <>
To: "Luca Andreoli" <>; <>
Sent: Friday, February 11, 2005 11:25 PM
Subject: Re: nfs server config

At 04:44 PM 2/11/2005, you wrote:

and we i use the command

i have this problem????
$ nfs-server-config
Installing portmap as 'Cygwin portmap'
Installing mountd as 'Cygwin mountd'
Installing nfsd as 'Cygwin nfsd'

mount(1) command did not return SYSTEM mount(s).

It looks like you have installed Cygwin for a single user.
Cygwin mount points will not be available to programs installed
as Windows services. This will keep portmap, mountd, and nfsd
from running as Windows services.

In order for portmap, mountd and nfsd to function properly,
you should establish global mount points using the /bin/mount
utility. You can change user-specific Cygwin mount points to
global mount points using the following command:

   eval mount -f -s -b "C:/cygwin/bin" "/usr/bin";
mount -f -s -b "C:/cygwin/lib" "/usr/lib";
mount -f -s -b "C:/cygwin" "/";
mount -s -b --change-cygdrive-prefix "/cygdrive";

You current mount -m listing is:

mount -f -s -b "C:/cygwin/bin" "/usr/bin"
mount -f -s -b "C:/cygwin/lib" "/usr/lib"
mount -f -s -b "C:/cygwin" "/"
mount -s -b --change-cygdrive-prefix "/cygdrive"

pls help me!!!!

Hm, seems I remember this as an old bug but I couldn't google up a reference
to it. If "mount -m" shows you the above listing, you can ignore the
warning. It's erroneous.

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