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FW: sshd "ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host" until restarted


I've discovered the same sshd issue on a second Windows XP SP2 machine "p3533"
(it is a backup server that I rarely power cycle, so I didn't notice the problem
until a Windows Automatic Update cycled power automatically).

It would appear that the problem exists whether or not McAfee VirusScan
Enterprise 8.0i "On-Access Scan" is enabled or disabled.

Please see attached console sessions and cygcheck.out.

I installed Cygwin on p3533 on 1/09/2005 and haven't updated it since.  I didn't
see this issue when I installed sshd, but I may have missed it.  Given that the
same problem exists on two machines, one with Cygwin as of ~1/9/2005 and another
with Cygwin as of ~2/8/2005, and that the issue did not appear until after
1/9/2005, my guess is that it is due to some other system change that occurred
in between.  This is the only Windows XP update installed during that period:

    Windows XP Hotfix - KB890175  Installed On   1/13/2005

Which you can read about here:

Any suggestions?



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