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children of init ignore STOP and CONT signals

Cygwin 1.5.12(0.116/4/2) on W2K SP4

The stop and continue signals seem to be ignored by cygwin processes if they are children of init (process id 1). The signals are handled correctly if the targets are children of a bash process.

For example, if I run "yes hello" from one command window, I can see its process id from a second command window using ps. But executing a "kill -STOP 1900" does not stop the process; the signal is ignored. The process id is the cygwin process id, not the windows process id.

Not all signals are ignored. The TERM and INT signals correctly terminate the process. I would like to send STOP and CONT to throttle the CPU usage of a rsync process. I want to avoid spawning a bash process to start rsync because it is started from a Windows process. If I invoke a shell process to invoke rsync, it will be difficult to get the windows process id so I can translate it to a cygwin process id and send it a signal.

Any suggestions?

--Sam Inala

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