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Re: Error: "dynamic link library cygint-3.dll could not be found" running package .exe files

Duncan McGregor wrote:
> I just installed the newest release: Cygwin DLL 1.5.12-1
> The Cygwin install seemed to go OK.
> However if I run "cygcheck -srvh" or run programs in c:\cygwin\bin,  (eg:
> id.exe, ls.exe, env.exe, whoami.exe, uname.exe ...),  a pop-up error message
> is generated:    "dynamic link library cygint-3.dll could not be found"  .

See for yourself at <>.  If you enter
cygintl-3 into the search you will find that the package you are missing
is libintl3.

That is a very basic package upon which many utilities depend, so it's
strange that setup.exe did not install it.  From your cygcheck the only
packages that you have installed are

ash                  20040127-1
base-files           3.2-1
base-passwd          2.2-1
bash                 2.05b-16
coreutils            5.2.1-5
cygutils             1.2.6-1
cygwin               1.5.12-1
cygwin-doc           1.4-1
diffutils            2.8.7-1
editrights           1.01-1
findutils            20041227-1
gawk                 3.1.4-3
gdbm                 1.8.3-7
grep                 2.5.1a-1

That is a VERY small list of packages, even for a base system.  You are
missing many libraries, for one thing.  I suspect that you are missing a
large number of dependent packages.  Perhaps you deselected them, not
knowing that you needed them.  Or perhaps your cygcheck output was
truncated.  For the record, you are supposed to attach your cygcheck as
instructed at <>, not post it in the body
of your message.  This keeps the archives much cleaner.

In any case, run setup.exe, leave the selection on "curr", and just
accept the defaults.  Setup should install all of the dependent packages
that you are missing.  You can switch to the "Partial" view to see what
setup is going to install before pressing Next, but I suspect it will be
a lot of stuff, if the above is indeed the only set of packages that you
have.  If libintl3 is not listed on the "partial" view then switch the
view to "not installed" and click on libintl3 to include it.  If this is
the case then make sure you have the current version of setup.exe.


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