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Re: cygrunsrv: Service failed to respond in a timely fashion (1.5.11)

Thanks, Brian!

Making sure cygwin is set up for "everybody" seemed to do the trick. All services ran fine after a reboot.

For the record: no events of interest appeared in the event log (only the Windows error message in the subject). No output was produced in /var/log.

Cheers, Rob

Brian Dessent wrote:
Robert Schmidt wrote:

On all my PCs, I've installed a few services using cygrunsrv (cron,
Privoxy, ...).  On my newest laptop (a brand new Dell M70, fresh XP+SP2
and basic cygwin 1.5.11 installation), none of the cygrunsrv services
will start.

Check the logs in /var/log. For a service 'foo' you should have
/var/log/foo.log that will contain stdout and/or stderr of the process. Also check the Event Log for messages about the service.

From your cygcheck output your group is "mkgroup_l_d" which means you
don't have a valid /etc/group file -- this is a hint that you need to
run "mkgroup -l -d > /etc/group" or similar. Check the users guide.

From your cygcheck output your mounts are all "user" mounts and not
"system" mounts, so they will be invisible to services, which log in
with different credentials than normal users (i.e. LOCALSYSTEM).  "user"
mounts and services do not mix well.  I think there's an entry in the
FAQ on how to convert them using sed and mount, or you could just select
"everybody" next time you run setup.


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