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Re: select/listen (win xp sp1) bug, due to Windows login somehow.

I tried it nevertheless.  I logged out and in a couple of times.
No problem here, neither on 1.5.12 nor on current CVS.


Thank god.

In that case it is almost certainly a pecularity of my box, and isn't a show stopper for the application I noticed this bug on.

I'll see if I can replicate this bug on _another_ XP/2K machine, and if so, perhaps I can verify/rule-out, the personal firewall hypothesis.

I'm almost sure I don't have any delibrate firewalling rules in operation.

Since I have a confirmed not-confirmed, from someone else, _it_ should be possible to prove that something is ... wrong with my box somehow, if I take the cygwin1.dll from my box, with BugTester.exe, to another relatively unmolested XP/2K box and verify that as Corinna says, this bug doesn't happen.

If I can replicate this bug again on the second XP/2K machine, I'll spend some time perhaps trying to get a gprof of the offending code and mail the list again.

Thanks for the input .


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