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Re: Path confusion


Please make sure your mailer respects the Reply-To: header -- I set it for
a reason.

On Fri, 1 Apr 2005, Luke Kendall wrote:

> On 31 Mar, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> >  > The problem is then that there are two /home directories: the real
> >  > /home that's mounted on, say d:/home, and the fake /home, formed by
> >  > re-writing "c:/cygwin" as "/", and tacking on the home subdirectory.
> >  >
> >  > I think the solution is that I simply have to remove or rename
> >  > c:/cygwin/home.
> >
> >  FWIW, this still won't allow you to access /home via c:/cygwin/home...
> Excellent, since it isn't the /home directory!  :-)

Well, I still don't see what you expect to accomplish by this, except
disable Tab-completion for /home...

> /home is what mount has been told (typically, d:/home).
> I was surprised initially when doing a find c:/cygwin that it entered
> the d:/home area - but a -xdev option takes care of that issue.

And "find / -xdev" will work even if you have a c:/cygwin/home...  If you
do a "find c:/cygwin -xdev", don't be surprised if you see directories
that are normally mounted over...

> If you don't want to require the original Cywgin installer to be the
> only person who can later install or remove Cygwin packages, you can
> change ownership of all Cygwin files to allow anyone with adminstrators
> privilege for the machine to do it, by making sure the person who
> installs running this:
>     find `cygpath -m /` -xdev -user $USER -print \
>        | tr "\n" "\000" \
>        | xargs -0 chown Administrators.SYSTEM

What's wrong with simply

    find / -xdev -user $USER -print0 | xargs -r0 chown Administrators.SYSTEM

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