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Re: svn binary file altered on local copy

Le 1 avr. 05, à 17:57, Corinna Vinschen a écrit :

On Apr 1 17:45, Vincent Dedun wrote:
Dave Korn a ?crit :

Sorry, i should post this in cygwin-apps mailing list, i do it again.

No, that is not what cygwin-apps is for. Read the description of it at

So where i'm supposed to report problems with apps packaged for cygwin,
which has problem in their cygwin version only ??
To the package maintener ?

No, it's all well. You reported the svn problem here. cgf just pointed
out that this is not a problem related to the Cygwin version but a plain
svn problem. So now it's the svn maintainer's move.

ok, thank you.

But, my dir is mounted in binmode localy, and the files style is mime-type, application/octet-stream, so svn should not alter those files.

Could svn server being mounted in textmode be the problem ?
What is weird is that the file get corrupted on the local copy on COMMIT, not on checkout or update.
Why would svn change local copy on commit ?

Svn server is a linux server (not administred by me), i don't think it is mounted in textmode, as textmode under linux will occure only for certains filesystems (fat for exemple), and here, i doubt svn repo is on a fat FS.

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