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Re: ipc, sockets and windows sp2

Corinna Vinschen wrote :

On Apr 4 08:52, Vincent Dedun wrote:
However, semaphores still doesn't work properly.
There is no more problem with semop not waiting, but with quick
semaphores locking unlocking.

I attach a new testcase, which is the same as previous one, except each
child task will lock the semaphore, wait 100ms, then release the
semaphore and die. Each time a child dies, a new one is created to keep
10 running childs.

I'm wondering, since you're building Cygwin from source anyway, if you're
not interested to debug this further or even track it down to its source?

i have no idea how to do this, i'm not a good system programmer.

further more, i have a slow computer, and recompiling cygwin is long.
I even don't know how to active debugging (dprintf) on cygwin dll.

I just saw a strange stuff : in (cygserver) at end of semop function (:done2 label), the mutex is released after waking up waiting process, shouldn't it be the inverse ?

i tried to test this, but when i modify cygwin sources and compil, my cygwin0.dll is not updated, i don't want to recompil everything each time, it take too longs.


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