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Re: ipc, sockets and windows sp2

On Apr  4 15:13, Vincent Dedun wrote:
> i have no idea how to do this, i'm not a good system programmer.


> further more, i have a slow computer, and recompiling cygwin is long.
> I even don't know how to active debugging (dprintf) on cygwin dll.

The debug output in cygserver is activated by giving the option `-d'
to cygserver:

  $ /path/to/cygserver -d

> I just saw a strange stuff : in (cygserver) at end of semop 
> function (:done2 label), the mutex is released after waking up waiting 
> process, shouldn't it be the inverse ?

No, the mtx_unlock is correct.  If you're looking for bugs, they are very
likely in the bsd_* files in cygserver.  Even though the sysv_* files taken
from FreeBSD are not proved to be 100% correct, there's a high probability
that I produced the bug in some of the bsd emulation functions.  msleep is
a good candidate, FWIW.

Any active debugging or tracking down the bug is highly appreciated,
probably not only by me.


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