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Re: ipc, sockets and windows sp2

I just saw a strange stuff : in (cygserver) at end of semop
function (:done2 label), the mutex is released after waking up waiting
process, shouldn't it be the inverse ?

No, the mtx_unlock is correct. If you're looking for bugs, they are very
likely in the bsd_* files in cygserver. Even though the sysv_* files taken
from FreeBSD are not proved to be 100% correct, there's a high probability
that I produced the bug in some of the bsd emulation functions. msleep is
a good candidate, FWIW.

Any active debugging or tracking down the bug is highly appreciated,
probably not only by me.

there is a problem in I think.
the problems occurs as soon as msleep/wakeup stuffs are called, which means
msleep is never awaken by wakeup.

with previous testcase,
grepping cygserver debug output, show that, with 2 child process sharing mutex, wakeup is called first, then 2 msleep are called. So when msleep is called, wakeup has already been called, and msleep has to sleep forever.

this is a problem, as wakeup is called when another process is WAITING for the semaphore, and msleep is called when another process is LOCKING the semaphore.

a use of wakeup means another process called msleep before, so why seeing the first msleep after the only wakeup in the log ?

i don't have freebsd so i can't test this testcase on it, and i'm not sure if it relevant to from bsd, or from not handling this as expect it.

furthermore, when using 2 children and sleep(1) instead of usleep, show a strange behaviour, after a certain time (some seconds here), the semaphore get values like 6,9,10.. instead of 0,1.

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