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Re: zsh startup oddity

On Tue, Apr 05, 2005 at 09:54:07AM +1000, Luke Kendall wrote:
>On  4 Apr, Michael Wardle replied to:
>>  > BTW, should you include a copyright and license term comment in shell.c? 
>>  > It would make me feel much more comfortable. 
>>  It's a trivial program I wrote with reference to no other programs.  I 
>>  hereby release it into the public domain.  Use it as you like. 
>Great, but for legal reasons, doesn't that statement need to be inside
>the source file itself?  I thought you'd need to have a copyright
>statement in there so that it even had a *chance* of being adopted into
>the official Cygwin release.
>I had a look at, and saw these
>    If your change is going to be a significant one in terms of
>    the size of your code changes, be aware that you will have to
>    sign over the copyright ownership of your code changes to Red
>    Hat or the FSF (depending on the source file) before we can
>    include your changes in the main source tree. Your employer may
>    also have to send us a disclaimer stating that they have no
>    claims to your contribution. This is necessary for liability
>    reasons. Here [] is our standard
>    assignment form for changes to Cygwin that you can fill out, sign,
>    and send back.

The web page that you are referring to has this at the beginningr:

    This document deals with contributions to the Cygwin DLL and Cygwin
    utilitites.  Contributions to other packages contributed by Cygwin are
    also welcome and some of the principles involved are the same.
    However, most of the specific instructions here will not be applicable
    to utilities like bash, gawk, apache, etc., which are generally found
    in linux releases.  If you have a patch for any of those, send it along
    to the cygwin mailing list and the appropriate package maintainer will

i.e., it has nothing to do with any of the non-cygwin-specific packages
so it is not applicable here.


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