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runtime error 216 at [various] after update to 1.5.14-1

I attempted last night to update (whatever I had) to 1.5.14-1 the
installation would not complete complaining right at the end of memory
faults 0x610baeda was consistently mentioned on repeated attempts.  the
initial error also seemed to be consistently associated with an the
installers attempts to launch a .sh shell script
to perform cleanup(?).

this thing stayed stuck in an apparently look of memory errors.  had to use
task manager to kill it.

after that any attempt to start bash gave a "runtime error 216 at [various]"
...also with an infinite stream of complaints which could only be killed
with the help of task manager.

I ripped every instance of "cygwin" out of the registry, search my entire
harddrive for everything associated with cygwin, deleted all (except 2
copies of cygwin1.dll associated with older individual apps), removed
c:\progra~1\cygwin\bin from my path, scanned the entire system for viruses
finding none and FINALLY attempted to reinstall with just
BASE, ARCHIVE and ADMIN.  I got exactly the same failures during install and
exactly the same "216" error in any attempt to run bash.

I ripped everything out again and that's where is stands now.  I think
something must have been introduced on 5/2/05 that doesn't work very well on
my system.

my system is an IBM ThinkPad t30 running WinXP Pro sp2.  all Microsoft
patches are up to date.  lots of other software onboard.  this was very
frustrating.  I depend on cygwin.  luckily, my main systems are okay.  I
won't be updating those for awhile in the belief that that's where the
problem lies.

apart from guidance with fixing my problem with this release, I'd appreciate
it if someone could tell my how to get the prior release(s) and install them
as a temporary measure (the main webpage did not make this very pain).

Few are those who see with their own eyes
and feel with their own hearts. - A. Einstein -

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