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Re: sed and searches for $

On Tue, 5 Apr 2005, mitch gart wrote:

> It seems like sed works differently when searching for end-of-line ($)
> depending if it's launched from a DOS prompt or from inside a shell
> prompt.
> [snip]
>   sed -n  -e /\\$/= junk
> [snip]
> I've been pretty mystefied by this but I'm guessing the reason has
> something to do with the difference between lines terminated by \r\n
> (DOS) and \n (Unix).
> Anyway what I want is to write a sed script that recognizes both kinds
> of line separators, and runs correctly from inside the shell.  Can somebody
> tell me how?   Thanks.

It's a bash quoting issue, not a CRLF issue.  Bash recognizes '\' as a
special quote character, so sed only sees *one* backslash when you run
from bash, making it search for a single dollar sign (not what you wanted,
I suspect).  Use single quotes in bash to wrap strings with special
characters.  The following should work from bash:

  sed -n -e '/\\$/=' junk

BTW, this is not in any way Cygwin-specific.
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