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Re: ipc, sockets and windows sp2

There is a strange stuff, but it won't perturb me :
when i run my master/slaves programs, then run the testcase at the same
time and kill it, the slave may have a socket read error if it was
reading on the socket at the same time that testcase is launched.

I'm wondering if that's realy related or just a coincidence. Sockets have nothing to do with IPC, unless you're running on 9x, where the Cygserver/Client connection is done using sockets.

but it has to do with file descriptors.
I could reproduce it several time, each time the socket read error occurs when the testcase is running.
It may not be an IPC issue, but a fork issue.

So i have to tune slave so i don't quit on socket read, but retry to
read on the socket, and it's fine, as the socket read will fail only
when the testcase is launched.

What's the error code you get?

read just return less byte than expected, and it occurs only in this case.

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