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Re: Recovering /etc/setup/installed.db

On Sun, 10 Apr 2005, fergus wrote:

> Suppose I have a polished setup installation of a subset of the Cygwin
> resource, and not necessarily the latest versions of things. I've lost
> /etc/setup/installed.db which would provide all the details. Is there a
> way I can recover it? I thought about trying to use cygcheck,
> remembering the copious output from it; but I think cygcheck _uses_
> installed.db to provide this output, it can't be used to build it?
> Fergus

Cygcheck does indeed use /etc/setup/installed.db for its reports.  One
question: did you lose just /etc/setup/installed.db, or the whole
/etc/setup directory?  If the former, the .lst.gz files should show you
*which* packages are installed, and you can probably recover the versions
by correlating the contents with the contents of the archives (which,
BTW, should be in your setup package cache directory).

Another way is to look in /usr/share/doc/Cygwin (or /usr/doc/Cygwin for
older packages) on your installation for the Cygwin-specific README files.
Most packages have them, and most of those include either the full version
(including the Cygwin release) or at least the full upstream version.

The easiest way, however, is to look at the setup.log file from your
"polished" installation (if that's available).
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