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Latest Cygwin/cdrtools - gcc Segmentation faults

After the last cygwin update (1005.14.0.0),
I compiled  cdrtools-2.01.01a01 with gcc 3.3.3
and got dozens of ...
   "Internal error: Segmentation fault (program cc1)
   Please submit a full bug report.
   See <URL:> for instructions."

I've been compiling it for years without errors
including with the previous version of cygwin.

Any one else having this problem ?

If you'd like to try it goto
and download

*** read 1st
The readme.win32 file has instructions
for compiling with Cygwin. What you need to know
from it is :
"... unpack it with 'gnutar' or 'star',
e.g. Start a bash command line window and type:

 star -xpz < cdrtools-2.01.01a01.tar.gz

 don't use winzip to unpack the tar archive, it will not
 unpack symlinks correctly.

Then (from the bash command line window) run 'make' ...
If you have problems with GNU make, get 'smake' from:     ..."

I use 'star' to unpack it and 'smake' to compile.

You'll find the relevant .exe files in the
subdirectories of
   cdda2wav, cdrecord, mkisofs and readcd
or if you run 'smake install' it puts them all in

thanks for any responses,

Bill Mudd 

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