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Re: ocaml (camlp4) problem with text-mode /tmp

On 14 Apr 2005 at 08:29 NZST, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

> <>.  Thanks.

Okay, will do.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

> The program is the *only* thing that made it through to the list.
> None of the text did.  Did you, by chance, send HTML mail?

Oh, odd.  It looks like Gnus messed up the MIME headers somehow and
didn't mark the text/plain part correctly.  If you look at the raw
message[1] you can see that my text is there.  Sorry about that.

> Ok, I could reproduce this.  Thanks for the report.
> I'll see what can be done to fix this in the O'Caml package.  If it
> can't be fixed, I'll at least put the "mount /tmp in binary or point
> TMPDIR to a directory mounted in binary" suggestion in the README.

Great, thanks.

> The output of "cygcheck -svr", actually.  But don't bother now,
> since it's reproduced.

Yes, I noticed that after I sent my previous mail and sent that output
in another message whose text won't show up.

Anyway, we managed to communicate in the end :-) Thanks for taking a



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