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Re: cygwin on Mac: files in Virtual PC "shared folder"

On 14 Apr 2005, at 12:33 pm, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Apr 14 10:54, Ashley Ward wrote:
2) The '\' character used in Windows share names is an escape character
to bash -- so the example "mount \\pollux\home\joe\data /data" in the
cygwin manual (example 3.10) is misleading. For me, that style of
example gives error messages about "/data", not the Windows share
(actually the cause of the problem), which doesn't help. I do see the
mentions in manual around that point about using the Windows command
shell (presumably with the cygwin bin in the PATH?) and also about
using '/' rather than '\', but it doesn't seem very clear to me --
perhaps the example could be changed to "mount '\\pollux\home\joe\data'

Erm... *cough, cough*, you're not a slave of the user manual, right? Why not just try it? Using forward slashes or \\ in bash seems quite natural to me.

Hmmm -- thanks for your response, Corinna -- but I am a little confused by it. I did actually try it, as I described in my next paragraph:

3) I did manage to mount the share by enclosing the share name in single quotes as above, but then access to the mount point with ls, cd etc failed with "invalid request code" - sigh. Finally I gave up on cygwin "mount" and instead mounted the share as F: using right-click and "map drive" in Windows. It was then accessible to cygwin under /cygdrive/f.

Perhaps I'm not being clear enough. I'm suggesting changing example 3.10 in the manual from
mount \\pollux\home\joe\data /data
mount '\\pollux\home\joe\data' /data
as the existing example, although natural, doesn't work in bash as '\' outside quotes is interpreted as an escape. The manual as it stands does hint at this, but not very directly.

However, adding the quotes may not be the right change to make, since although adding the quotes allowed the mount command to complete, for me it still didn't mount the files such that I could actually access them.


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