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Re: problems with /bin/sh

On Thu, 14 Apr 2005, Erik Rantapaa wrote:

> I just did a complete re-install of the latest version of cygwin
> (1.5.14-1), and come across the following problem: when prepping a
> source for compilation, invoking:
> ./configure
> would stop at seemingly random places. However, running:
> bash ./configure
> worked much better. It still didn't complete the entire script because
> the configure script has internal references to /bin/sh. Symlinking sh
> -> bash seems to fix all the problems.

This is one of the common pitfalls people encounter with Cygwin: /bin/sh
is *not* bash, it's ash.  Therefore, scripts written with the assumption
that /bin/sh is bash (as it is on some [most?] Linux distributions) fail
on Cygwin when they encounter bash-isms.  They would also fail on any
other Unix where /bin/sh is not bash.  This is a portability problem in
the scripts, and should be fixed there (if only by changing the shebang to

> It's been so long since I've done a re-install of cygwin, so I don't
> know if this is a known problem or not. In any case, I can furnish more
> details if anyone needs them.

The usual (and preferred) way of providing details about your installation
in problem reports is described in <>.
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