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Re: Possible to create an X application not linked to cygwin1.dll?

On Fri, Apr 15, 2005 at 08:39:31PM -0400, Stone, Tim wrote:
>I have ported an X application to cygwin/gcc.   It runs well under
>the X server xwin.
>When I compile, I link up with libX11.
>Then I end up my app being linked to cygwin1.dll since libX11
>depends on cygwin1.dll.
>I need to distribute this application, but I cannot make it open
>source.  Those I distribute it to would download cygwin and use xwin.
>I'm under the impression I cannot do this due to my app -> libX11 -> 
>Is that correct?
>I notice that only the X11 lib has this dependency (not Xm or Xpm).
>I have tried using the -mno_cygwin flag to gcc to compile the app,
>but this still ends up with the X11 -> cygwin1.dll dependency.
>Is there any way to compile an app that needs X11 and not be linked
>to cygwin1.dll?  Is there another X11 available, for instance?

<broken record>Why would you be asking how to not use cygwin in a list
that is devoted to cygwin?</broken record>

No, you can't do what you want to do.  You could ask about this in the
win32-x11 sourceware org mailing list, however.  This topic certainly
has nothing to do with this mailing list.


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